Pre-allocated manifest

We will check the data of each manifest sent by the user, to help you eliminate most of the hidden dangers.

Whether it is the modification/deletion of the manifest data or the deletion of the manifest by the shipping agent counter, we have professional personnel to serve you all the way to ensure your every single order.

From 8:30 to 17:30 all year round (including weekends and holidays), we have arranged personnel on duty, so we are no longer afraid of being unable to issue manifest on weekends!

The user does not need to sign a separate contract with the shipping agent before sending, and the shipping manifest sent will be directly sent to the customs after online verification. Farewell to second confirmation!

It has supported 55 shipping companies and 14 shipping agents to send manifests, meeting the sending needs of most customers

Currently, "Online Entry" and "Excel Entry" are supported. You only need to enter once whether it is full container, LCL for single sender and receiver, or LCL for multi senders and receivers!
VGM declaration

Container weight verification.The requirement to verify the gross weight of container is a commitment to safety.

Misreporting of container gross mass will cause risks to both domestic and oversea personnel, inland and offshore goods and equipment and lead to accidents. So, the verification of container gross mass (VGM)  are aimed to reduce such incidents.

The "shipper" on the ocean bill of lading is the party responsible for providing VGM to the carrier. The VGM of each container should be submitted before the deadline in order to ensure the container can be loaded onto the ship. If the VGM cannot be submitted before the deadline, then the container cannot be loaded on to the ship.

Transportation Insurance

Ocean marine cargo insurance is an insurance that takes the cargo of the sea-going vessel sailing in the international transportation as the insurance object. The insurance objects of marine cargo insurance are mainly trade and non-trade commodities, including live animals and the outer packaging of the goods. Ocean marine cargo insurance covers the loss of goods due to natural disasters and accidents during sea transportation.


The insurance covered by China Ocean Shipping Cargo Insurance is divided into three types: Free From Particular average, With Particular Average, and All Risks. In addition, there are several insurances. From the British Insurance Association Cargo Insurance Clauses, the previous names of All Risks, With Particular Average and Free From Particular Average were replaced by names of “A”, “B” and “C” in the revision on Jan.1st, 1982.

Core Advantages

Qingdao Best Shipping Line sincerely hopes to cooperate with you to reduce operating risks, save operating costs and escort safe production for your esteemed company!

Underwriting capacity:Solve underwriting problems to the greatest extent, customize the plan Cargo transportation insurance:wind power generation, large size transport, cross-border e-commerce parcels, fruits and vegetables Corporate Liability Insurance:Employer Liability Insurance, Logistics Liability Insurance, Product Liability Insurance, Middle East, Africa, etc.

Our original intention: For customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency, the core systems of multiple insurance companies are connected, and online rapid order issuing and centralized procurement have strong bargaining power. The compensation pool increases the overall compensation voice

Claims case introduction: Our service principles are compliance, empowerment, speediness.
We have a dedicated claims team that handles claims every day.
There are a large number of compensation precedents for reference. It is more convincing for insurance companies

Our company actually controls and cooperates with more than hundreds of transportation vehicles, and continues to invest in new transportation capacity to ensure the rapid growth of transportation capacity scale, maintain the advantage of transportation capacity scale, and provide sufficient transportation capacity to guarantee for customer shipments!

There are various brands of transport vehicles which can undertake the transportation of containers, bulk cargo and bulky goods, and can meet the transportation needs of various types of goods and various road conditions.

Customs Service

It refers to the formalities of declaration to the customs before import and export goods shipping

According to our country's Customs Law: All goods entering and leaving the country must pass through ports, stations and international airports with customs, and the owner of the goods shall declare to the customs. After the customs release, the goods could be picked up or shipped for export.

Market Purchase

The mode of market purchase trade refers to the way that goods purchased by qualified operators in the market agglomeration area identified by the National Commerce Department and the value of the goods with a single customs declaration form is less than US$150,000 (including 150,000), and the operators proceed custom clearance procedures for export goods at the purchase place.

The mode of market purchase has greatly improved the facilitation of foreign trade through a series of reform policies supported by the state, such as subject admittance, export customs clearance, tax-free mode, and foreign exchange management, which can be summarized as "four changes":

1. The entry threshold is much lower, and all merchants and trading companies in the industrial agglomeration area can participate in the pilot after filing;
2. Proceed customs clearance and export more faster, allow grouping of containers and LCL, and simplify classification declaration. For a single container with more than ten kinds of commodities, it only needs to list one for the customs declaration form;
3. Better tax policy, implement the policy of VAT exemption and non-refund;
4.Foreign exchange management is more active, allowing the opening of foreign exchange accounts for current ones and supporting cross-border RMB settlement.

Its highlights can be summarized as "Three Most":

1. The core advantage is that the products exported by foreign trade can achieve "one declaration, one inspection, one release" at the "doorstep";
2. The most fundamental guarantee is that the product quality is "the source can be traced, the responsibility can be investigated, and the risk can be controlled";
3. The greatest potential is to radiate and drive the surrounding markets, and to achieve the same frequency interaction and deep integration for domestic and foreign markets.

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